What to Expect at Your First Acupuncture Visit

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For many, “acupuncture” is utilized as a last resort to treat chronic pain or acute conditions. Those who have experienced it quickly recognize the benefits and relief it provides.

Here’s what you can expect at your initial consultation and evaluation.


Before your consultation, you will complete new patient paperwork. The doctor will meet with you to go over your symptoms, do an AcuGraph analysis, and recommend a course of treatment that is very specific to your needs.


Each person is unique. A typical treatment plan for chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions spans 2-3 months. A typical treatment plan for acute care patients usually begins with 4 weeks of treatment, followed by a re-evaluation along the way to ensure the best outcome.


Acupuncture works cumulatively. To get long lasting results, your treatments will be closer together in the beginning. You’ll likely start out having 3 treatments per week. Each treatment will build on the previous treatment.

Chronic Conditions: Typically in Phase 1 care is for 4-6 weeks

Acute Conditions: Typically in Phase 1 care is for 2-3 weeks


Chronic pain patients will have an AcuGraph reassessment after 10 treatments. Our goal at this point is to lengthen the time between your treatments. This assessment will focus on key questions like:

• Have your symptoms begun to diminish?

• Have your symptoms changed?

• Are you feeling better for longer periods?

Each patient is different. When your graph is more balanced, we know the REAL healing has begun. This is when your body can finally focus on the necessary healing to resolve chronic conditions.

• Phase 2 care will last until the end of your recommended course of treatment.

• Some patients with chronic or hard-to-treat conditions may need to continue

Phase 2 treatment for a longer period than others.


Once your course of treatment is complete and you are feeling better, Wellness Care will keep your body healthy, joyful, and happy. We find that you get the BEST long-term results adhering to our Wellness Care recommendations.

Wellness care looks different for everyone. Your body will tell us how often you need to come in for treatment at this point.

NOTE: During your Wellness Care transition, you may fluctuate back and forth between Phase 2 and Wellness Care for a time. This is normal and we will adjust your treatments accordingly.

The end goal of your acupuncture journey is to resolve your chronic or acute condition and KEEP you feeling your best. We will work to figure out the perfect wellness program for you. Many of our patients come in once a month for wellness visits and find the tune-ups very beneficial.


“As you move forward after your course of treatment, we highly recommend that you learn to listen to the warning signals in your body.

If you ever start to feel yourself backsliding or feeling off and your next scheduled appointment isn’t for a couple of days or longer, give us a call. We will get you in as soon as possible.

It’s much better to be proactive so that we do not need to begin your wellness journey all over again.”

—Dr. Stephanie and Darren

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